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Hey all you UUers! Who's up for another round of Uke Minutes?? Here we go ...

In this week's episode, Aldrine explains the simple - yet oh, so powerful - Muted Octave Strum. It is a variation of another simple technique, introduced in Uke Minutes 26, called "Strum Picking". Deceptively simple, a properly timed and executed Muted Octave Strum can tear the house down and melt faces in its awesome wake. Please use it wisely.

Speaking of tearing down the house ... Next week Saturday (March 28th, at 3pm HST) we will be holding an official UU ONLINE OPEN MIC! If you have a webcam and mic, sign up HERE to show off your mad uke skills! Or just come by to watch, cheer, and applaud loudly for your fellow UUers. We'll be having a live stream of the entire event here in the Underground, so mark your calendars!

Hope you're chillin' like a villain and kickin' off your Spring Break in style!

-UU Staff

What Should I Learn Next?
"Strum Picking with Harmony"
"Added Octave Chord Inversions"


  1. Cheers for the lesson! It’s pretty tricky trying to mute some strings while fretting others, I’ll keep practising as this is a sweet little technique!

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