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Hey all you UUers!

In last week's episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine introduced "One-Handed Harmonics" - which is a cool little ukulele party trick you can use to impress your friends. In this week's episode, we take this technique to a whole 'nother level - Artificial Harmonics, here we come!

The concept is pretty simple: the 12th fret gives the loudest harmonic. So if you hold down a certain fret, you could still play the harmonic, as long as you play it 12 frets higher than the fret you're holding down.

For example, you could play a harmonic on the A string by doing the one-handed harmonic technique on the 12th fret. However if you hold down the 2nd fret using your left hand, you would need to play the one-handed harmonic technique 12 frets higher (on the 14th fret). So basically just add 12 to the fret number that you're holding down, and you're all set!

If you have any questions about this (or anything else) check us out in the Forum. And if you figure out anything cool using this technique, please post a link so we all can see!

Hope your weekend is flippin' fantastic ...

-UU Staff


  1. This is a classical guitar technique, only its easier (and too me sounds better) using the pointer finger and pinky instead of pointer and thumb.

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