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Hey UUers! The time has come, once again, for a brand spankin' new episode of UKE MINUTES!

This time on Uke Minutes, Aldrine introduces a technique called "One Handed Harmonics" for you to play around with. For a refresher on regular harmonics (the non-one-handed kind) click & watch the replay of the "Harmonics & Palm Muting" Live Uke Lesson from November.

In other news, yesterday's UU Forum upgrade went through smoother than whipped cream - so feel free to stretch your legs and bask in the newly improved Forum awesomeness *now spam-free*! Check it out, tell us what you think and if you need anything, the we're always here to help!

Happy Valentine's Day! UU [hearts] You!

-UU Staff

What Should I Learn Next?
"Artificial Harmonies"


  1. YES! Thank you so much for this video – I saw it in action in your “Valentine” song, and was wondering how to do it ever since!

    Thanks Aldrine! 🙂

  2. I like the new format. Can you do a mimute about elictric pickups for ukuleles, How the work and the different types on the market.

    Were having our first Uke Feast in the Dallas area
    on April 30 thru May 2. If your in the area drop by as I have a spare bedroom and lots to eat. Maybe we can share a can of spam together.

    Kimo Jim

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