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Alright UUers, we decided to roll out March's episode of Uke Minutes a day early, just to help kick off your weekend! So here it is, Uke Lesson 15 - "Island In The Sun".

This song is one of our favorites by the band Weezer and, judging from the repeat questions about it in the Forum and our email boxes, it looks like the song is one of your favorites as well! So sit back, soak it in, and if you've got any other questions about the lesson, you know where to find us.

Stay tuned to UU and hang onto your headstocks, kids - we're about to unveil another Free Ukulele Give-Away Contest in March, as well as announce the date for the UU Online Open Mic (that we weren't quite able to fit into February's madness). Thanks for hanging out with us in the Underground! Hope everyone is feeling awesome, practicing like crazy, and jammin' on ... 'til the break of dawn.

-UU Staff


  1. Hi, There are a couple errors in the pdf tab sheet. For the bridge section it says to play the strumming pattern once for each chord but you play it twice. In the picking pattern it shows the first note as 2nd fret on C but the video is 2nd fret on E for the first note.

  2. I have a question on the Am7 chord. I’m having transitioning from the Em to the Am7. I just finished the Music Theory courses and I thought about seeing if there’s another fingering for the Am7. When I check the fingerings, I get GCEA as all open. That doesn’t look right. What are a couple of inversions to make that chord easier to transition and play?

  3. Aldrine, until I saw this lesson, I had never heard this song. I checked it out on iTunes and you know what? Your version is so much better! I love the way you play…don’t stop and please don’t stop sharing your wonderful talent!
    Mahalo :0)

  4. Without you (videos) and with ukulele, life would be more and more difficult
    I very appreciate the work you are doing
    Thank you very much

  5. yeah i have to agree with MikeSmall. Plain Am sounds lightyears better than Am7 does with this song. plus its easier to transition to from Em making it better for beginners

  6. Thanks Aldrine!

    you’re a really awesome teacher with great style and rhythm, thanks so much for all your lessons – Pete in New York

  7. AH! You’re awesome! I’ve been wanting to learn this song, and thanks to you, I have!
    Thank you so much!! =]

  8. Great tuto as always, in my opinion your tabs could fit very well on “it’s my life” of talktalk (or more recently by NoDoubt) !!! maybe i’m the only one thinking that ?!

    cheers from france

  9. Hey can you put up tabs for Breakdown and Island in the sun please! I have all the main chords and picking down. I just dont know when to play them or where they go in the song. So if you could put them on the website or just send them to me that would be awsome!

  10. Hey can you put up some tabs for this song please! I ahve all the chords down and the picking. I just dont know when to play them and where to put them!


  11. Dude you rule. I just picked my ukulele i got when i was little and found your website. Now i can actually play a song! A suggestion is that when you teach a song is that at first you play it a little slow so that we can play along.

  12. Aldrine,

    Many thanks for this and all the other videos you put together…I’ve made may recomendations to beginners and you haven’t let us down! Ed

  13. Great video but I don’t understand what the x means during the strum patterns. I hear you say *chuck* but I can’t really see what you are doing…

    1. Hey Daniel, i've got the same problem with this *chuck* and the x.. i can't understand how to do this sound.. is it possible to explain it to me?;)

      But anyway, i'm really happy founding this video;). thx a lot!

      1. Hey, I know this is really old but if you look up “how to chunk” on youtube, he made a video for it. 🙂 hope this helped

  14. Great song sounds great on uke. Super high quality instruction video, keep up the great work Aldrine!

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