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Hello UUers!

February's full-length Uke Lesson comes hand-delivered to your doorstep ... a whole day early! We've had tons of requests to teach Aldrine's translated version of Parokya ni Edgar's song "Gitara" ("Ukulele"), so here it is for your viewing pleasure. Check it out and enjoy the February fun!

A lot of exciting and totally awesome things are about to go down in the Underground so be sure to check back here often for more updates.

Coming (very) soon in February:

- The UU "Undies" Awards Show!
- The "Bling Fo' Yo Thing" Ukulele Give-Away Contest Winner!
- UU Live Online Open Mic!
- Another Ukulele Give-Away?

Stay tuned - and be ready to rock.

-UU Staff


  1. Hey!!!, Ive been wacthing your videos for a long time and when you started the lessons i was so happy because i just started playing my ukulele 2 years ago, but I’m still new to it all since Im teaching myself and I’m struggling with the struming pattern when you go “down, x, up , up ”
    If you could help me in anyway to understand I’d really apreciate cuz Ive been sturggling with the sturmming like this with other songs…
    YOU ROCK!!

  2. Aldrine,
    Do you have the chords and lyrics for Lesson 14
    Ukulele (Gitara) that can be sent to e mail?

    When is your next CD comming out, liked the first one?

    Where on Kauai do you live, We have been all over and like Kapaa the best, but you did lessons from another town, Koloa on the way to Poipu.

    I have saved all of the lessons to practice on my own.

    If your ever in Texas contact me and I’ll show you around. We are having our first ukulele festival in the dallas region this April-May.

    Keep the videos comming.

    mahalo,Kimo Jim

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