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Hey there UUers! It's time for another Uke Minutes!

After the many episodes of Uke Minutes created and featured here, we finally realized ... we haven't bothered to explain one of the most basic (and essential) elements of good ukulele playing - having a properly tuned ukulele! Until now.

By far, the easiest and most precise methods of tuning your ukulele is to have a digital chromatic tuner. This way, you will be able to tune your ukulele to the notes G, C, E, and A (from top to bottom strings), with excellent precision. Just remember the order of notes:

C | C#(Db) | D | D#(Eb) | E | F | F#(Gb) | G | G#(Ab) | A | A#(Bb) | B | C

By tightening a string, the pitch will slowly move up the scale. By loosening the string, the pitch will move down the scale. If you are using a digital tuner, tighten or loosen each string until it reaches its respective note.

In the video, Aldrine explains how to tune your ukulele, using only one reference note. By tuning the G string (top string on your ukulele) to a reference G note (correctly played on another instrument), you can tune the rest of your strings based on your correctly tuned G string.

You can also match your ukulele strings to the correctly tuned notes at the end of the video as a way to tune your ukulele!

As always, if you have any questions on this or any of the lessons here in the Underground, send a message to askaldrine(at)gmail.com or stop by the UU Forum and ask around!

A big MAHALO to everyone who helped spread the joy of music this holiday season (and all year long!)

-UU Staff

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  1. gozh, I still cannot get my Ike to work. It’s new. I got the electronic tuner, but the tuner cord C is on a and won’t go to c……can u help? – hopeless kid

  2. your uke lessons taught me alot.I didnt know how to tune my uke intil I saw this video.By the way keep making those videos. Oh yah I go to kapaa middle and im in ukulele band.is there any chance you could come back?:)


  3. I know your uke lessons are free on the internet, but is there any chance you could put them all on a DVD to sell in your store? I want to be able to practice in my living room or take DVD with me. I looked at your store and didn’t see anything like this. DVD- T-shirt combo would be good,


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