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Hey there, UUer!! Are you looking for the next episode of Uke Minutes?? We'll today is your lucky day! In this episode, Aldrine adds to your arsenal of ukulele chord shapes with Major 7ths!

One of the main questions that comes up when Major 7th chords are introduced is: "What is the difference between Major 7ths and regular 7ths?" From a musical standpoint the answer is this - regular 7th chords usually cannot stand alone (whereas Major 7ths can).

For example, if you start strumming a C7 chord (0001), you wouldn't be able to end on that chord because it 'feels like' it needs to be followed up with another chord (usually a major chord), like F (2010).

Try it and see.
1. Play your C7 for four beats then stop. How do you feel? Could you end a song on that chord?
2. Now play your C7 for four beats, then follow it up with an F. How do you feel now? Better, right!?
3. In comparison, strum a Cmaj7 (0002) for four beats. Could you end a song on that chord? Yes, you definitely could (even without following it up with another chord)! Do you see the difference?

Major 7th Shapes

Any of the Major 7th shapes shown in this lesson will provide you with a Major 7th chord, no matter where you hold it on on the fretboard, so try them all out and see! And if you have any questions, you know where to find us! or ask Aldrine at askaldrine(at) !

Now go ahead, do your own thing!

-UU Staff.

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