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Whoohoo! We're really excited about this month's episode of Uke Lessons, mainly because it's a song that so many of you have requested - "Drop Baby, Drop".

The song, recorded and released in Hawaii by The Mana'o Company in 1991, has somehow become a staple of ukulele jam sessions across Hawaii, the west coast of the United States, and many places no one ever thought it would reach. And even if you have never heard this song before, if you play the ukulele long enough, you will eventually run into somebody who wants to jam it with you.

So we've broken it all down for you! Chords, strumming pattern, picking pattern; what else could you ask for? And even if you do have more to ask for, we've got you covered: login to the UU Forum and check out the discussion or email Aldrine at askaldrine(at) !

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more of the best free uke lessons and the awesome-est ukulele community in the whole wide web!

-UU Staff

Techniques Used in Lesson:
How to Hold Barre Chords
How to Chunk
Hammer Ons
Pull Offs and Hammer Pulls
Muted Octave Strum
Hammer On Chords
How to Switch Chords
Singing and Playing


  1. Thanks for the out-takes. Feral chickens are part of Kauai! They give it that authentic Hawaiian ambiance. It is a beautiful spot, please do more there!

  2. yo Ryan and Aldrine
    finaly made it here and im stoked Woooooo Hoooooooo
    Mahalo fo doin what ya do
    peace Honu

  3. hey aldrine i was wondering when you did that drop baby drop tutorial could you tell me what kind of uke that was and how much it cost and where you got it?? it has a nice tone

  4. this really teached me how to play baby drop.It's amazing how i play this whole song cooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllll

  5. MAESTRO! you make it look so easy. your teaching method comes across so well that this old dog CAN learn new tricks. keep shaking and breaking it down.

  6. ho cus dis favorite site you look likke my cousin ronnie that i never see in over 20 years in uke lesson 77 you did the intro for heaven can you show more

  7. Aldrine, Thanks, you do a great lesson. I am in Maui right now and was looking for an upbeat Haw song, this is great, now if only I could sing a tune like you.

  8. I want to hear you perform this song why can’t I find it anywhere? I see the footage in this video but wheres the rest of it?:(

  9. Hello, I was wondering if you have the uke chords for the song Ku’u Aloha by Fiji, or know where I can get a copy? We’ve been searching all all over online but no luck.

  10. Hi I would like to learn how to play don’t worry be happy on the ukulele please I need help. can you show me how to play it? with the cords and the picking. thank you.

  11. hi i will like to learn how to play ku’u aloha by Fiji on the ukulele please i need some help can you show me how to play it.

  12. that’s so awesome. i just learned the whole thing tonight. only the connection between strumming and picking sounds strange. maybe my picking is toooooo slow πŸ™‚

    1. yea i kno rite thats why i looked at this video to see if it had the middle picking part kuz i already knew how to play the beginning

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