1. G’day Aldrine
    Thanks again for another lesson. I learn so much from UU my head hurts. I am on overload…which is good. I have made a break through this week and it leads me to make a suggestion. I stumbled on a video of you playing and teaching Tetris. Somehow this tune and the chord progressions ‘clicked’ with me and its the first tune where:
    1. I freely ad lib and muck around with the melody and chords
    2. I play freely up and down the fretboard instead of being stuck down the far end…which is nice.
    I think its basically because the flamenco-type sound and the minor key and the soulful chords just make it a song you can do a lot with (my Tetris probably sounds nothing like yours now…but the basic chords are the same)
    So…..this leads me to my suggestion / question.
    In your most lesson this week, at the end, you and Ryan jamm playing a song that sounds something like Concierto de Aranjuez which has a similar sound (flamenco in a minor key) as Tetris.
    Please please give us a lesson on that song, with chords and a bit of what you were doing with the melody. It seems like it will be another of those songs that you can easily fiddle with and ad lib easier than most.
    Also….a song I reeeeeallly love playing along with Jack J on YouTube is “Staple it Together” coz it has such a funky rhythm and you can get your uke humming like a percussion instrument…so I reckon UU members would love to learn that song (tricky one to sing along to though…we’ll let Jack do that!)
    Just my suggestions and thanks so much for the world of the uke you have opened up for us….I’m stoked!
    Janita K
    Hervey Bay

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