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Fresh off the Minutes Machine, UU presents another episode of UKE MINUTES - Seventh Chord Shapes! Here, we've provided for you even more movable chord shapes for you to play around with!

7 Seventh Shapes for you to play with!

You can hold any one of these chords anywhere on your fretboard and you will get a 7th chord. Each of the chords are based on a non-barred chord - if you move them all the way to the bottom of your fretboard, until each "barre" is replaced by the nut of the ukulele, you will find the basic seventh chord. So, if you were to move the shape up five frets on your fretboard, count up from the original seventh chord five notes on the chromatic scale to find your chord. Here is a chromatic scale for your reference:

C | C#(Db) | D | D#(Eb) | E | F | F#(Gb) | G | G#(Ab) | A | A#(Bb) | B | C

So, for example, the chord shape in the bottom left-hand corner of the diagram above is based on the C7 chord (if the barre is moved over the nut of your ukulele). If you moved the shape 4 frets up from the original C7, you would count 4 notes up on the chromatic scale and find that you are holding an E7 chord.

Play around with these shapes and the movable chord shapes concept, and find alternate fingerings for the chords in your favorite songs. (For major and minor shapes, see Uke Minutes 17 - Movable Chord Shapes). That way, when you play along with someone else, you can play the same chords together, using different fingerings!

And as always let us know if you have any questions - and askaldrine(at)!

-UU Staff.

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