Day 4 - "SD Bound": The guys awake early to clean up russ_buss' apartment in SF and head off to the airport for a (Virgin America!) flight to San Diego. In San Diego, they make it over to Pacific Arts Dance Studio where Aldrine teaches two workshops - a Beginner/Intermediate ukulele workshop and an Intermediate/Advanced ukulele workshop. The turnout is more than anyone could ask for and the team meets a LOT of awesome UUers and many new faces for a night of uke-ing.

Day 5 - "Mo's": Easily the longest and busiest day of the trip. The guys leave the hotel in search of things to do in San Diego. They have lunch with Joey Jr. at Phil's BBQ, then chill at Pacific Beach. They hit up Reel Picture, the company that pressed and printed Aldrine's CD, before heading back to the hotel for a warm-up jam with BJ and Bugoy. Everyone meets up at Mo's Island Grinds, for a gig with Almost Islanders. A spontaneous after-hours jam arises with legendary band, Pau Hana, and the guys get to hang out with some hilarious brosephs from YT. Insane.

Day 6 - "Huntington": Last day of the Tour. The UU Crew packs it up for the drive up to Huntington Beach. They stop off in Irvine to have lunch with Ryan's brother Stephen before making their way to Island Bazaar, one of California's largest ukulele shops. The entire place gets packed to the rafters with UU members and ukulele enthusiasts from across the LA Metro Area and everyone has a blast.

Honestly, the UU California Tour was the most fun that we've had in a long time. The entire experience was, in a lot of ways, life-changing for all of us and we have everyone who came out to the shows and supported us along the way to thank for it. As soon as we can make it happen again, we will definitely be back for more!

The BIGGEST MAHALO humanly possible,
-UU Staff.

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