Day 1 - "Arrival": After a several rough flights and the airline having lost nearly all of their baggage, the guys arrive in San Francisco and head over to DaSilva Ukulele Co. for the first gig of the tour. The venue was wonderful, the people there were awesome, and the overall atmosphere made everything worth it (For more videos (and pics) from this performance, Click Here. *Thanks Ame!*)

Day 2 - "Break Day": The gang wakes up late and spends what's left of the morning trying to locate the lost luggage. They meet up with Russ_Buss who, knowing SF like the back side of his hand, shows them around the city. Everyone winds up at Russ' apartment where Aldrine makes banana ketchup spaghetti and a 4+ ukulele jam session ensues.

Day 3 - "Hukilau": The last day in the Bay area for the tour. The guys head up to the Kala Ukulele Company warehouse in Petaluma where they pick up a couple ukuleles to give away on the tour. They head over to the Hukilau Restaurant to check it out and setup for the gig. Bay area UUers pack the Hukilau and everyone has a grand ol' time. (For more videos from this performance Click Here *Thanks Ame! - again!*.

*If you would like UU to appear in your city/town/area of residence, please let us know by posting a comment below!!

THANKS again to everyone who came out to see us in the Bay area, helping us to kick off this unforgettable tour. We hart all of you!

- UU Staff


  1. Hey, there are quite a few active ukulele clubs in Australia. Mabye combined with a few folk festivals (check out Woodford) it’ll be worth your while!

    More than happy to assist in organising gigs etc.!

  2. How about a visit to north Texas, Fort Worth and Dallas area. Lots of ukulele nuts are in the area.
    Pops Bayless and his group are down in Austin also.
    I received you latest Cd and it is super. I really enjoy your website and all the lessons, just wish I could figure out how to out on a cd for practicing.
    Kimo jim

  3. Great to see you guys in action.
    There is a Ukefest going on in Denver CO. in Feb come on out!!!!!!! Ask Musicguymic about it I guess he came out last year.

  4. I would love if you guys thought about coming to New Orleans or Las Vegas, wherever you can get more people. I would love that and so would many others!!!!!!

  5. When are you going to come to London? There’s loads of ukulele clubs and stuff here – you’ve got a huge audience just waiting to see you! And make sure you bring Jake along too… If you need any help fixing venues or finding places to stay just let me know!

    Clare x

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