To get yourself a "DEACH ME PLEASE!" T-Shirt, CLICK HERE.

Alright UUers! If you haven't already heard about the epic, limited edition "Deach Me" T-shirts that we've got over at the UU Store, there's no better time than now.

We've partnered up with legendary UU Forum member, Deach, in an effort to buy new ukuleles for the kids of Kapaa Middle School's Ukulele Band.

Kapaa Middle School Ukulele Band

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: When you buy a "Deach Me Please!" T-Shirt, the proceeds from your purchase go directly to the ukulele fund - to buy more ukes for the students.

PLUS, Deach has pledged to donate $1 for the first 49 shirts sold. If more than 49 shirts are sold, he will start donating $2 for each shirt, and if more than 100 are sold he will start donating $4.

We want to give as many ukuleles to the kids as our money can buy, so the more shirts you buy, the more ukuleles we can deach!

Special thanks to Deach for being so awesome, russ_buss for coming up with the definitions, and everyone who has already ordered a Deach T-shirt or donated money to the cause! You are the best!

And if you haven't ordered yours yet, we'll be taking preorders until the end of the month, so get yours today! Deach Me, Please!

For more about Deach, check out the forum post, or watch Deach & Russ' video adventure.

- UU Staff


  1. Hello from St. Louis, MO!
    My 6 year old daughter is very interested in learning to play the uke, but I’m not sure what would be the best for a starter and if I should get her a baritone or soprano? Any direction would be much appreciated – you look like you know more than a thing or two ;)! Take good care,

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