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Hey there all you ukulele evangelists! Today we bring you a very special episode of UKE LESSONS - Aldrine's very own original song, RED AND SILKY! We've been getting a lot of awesome emails at askaldrine(at) inquiring about this little ditty, so here it is. From the seductive chord progression and strumming to the super-sensual riff, it's all here for the taking! Once you've got it down, do a cover and share it with everyone here in the Underground! (Don't be afraid, we're all about constructive criticism and positivity here).

If you would really like a *High-Quality* copy of Red and Silky, as well as Aldrine's other original songs (including Bandito Tyler, Buttercup, Ducky Adores Me, Uke on a Stick, and more) - it's not too late! We still have a few more of Aldrine's Debut CD, Suite 409, lying around, so check it out and ORDER IT HERE today!

Much Mahalo to everyone who makes UU such an awesome place for ukulele players of all levels, ages, and geographic locations (if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you haven't been to our FORUM yet). Thanks 10-thousand tons!!

-UU Staff


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