Yay! Today, as UKE MINUTES officially turns 21, we've created a mature-er, more advanced technique for you to drink in and master - TAPPING! You've seen the electric axe-slinging guitar heroes do it on their rock sabres ... now YOU can do it, too, on your very own uke! Check out the video, and show us how you do - ukuleleunderground.com/forum.

*Also* This transmission comes to you live from CALIFORNIA, where last night we kicked off the first ever, UU TOUR. Check out the thread about our gig at Mike DaSilva's last night (Ame put up some stuff HERE too). And if you can, please stop by at one (or all) of our shows, going down within the next few days:

Tour Schedule:
Bay Area
JULY 20 - 6:00pm - Hukilau San Francisco - Live Performance

San Diego

JULY 21 - 6:00pm - Pacific Arts Dance Studio - Beginner and Advanced Ukulele Seminars / Live Uke Got Mail Filming / Free stuff giveaways ($15 at the door)
JULY 22 - 6:30pm - Mo's Island Grinds - Live Performance with Almost Islanders

Orange County

JULY 23 - 7:00pm - Island Bazaar - Live Performance and mini-seminar / Live Uke Got Mail Filming / Free stuff giveaways ($5 at the door)

Special thanks to everyone who came out last night! (And VERY especial big-ups to russbuss who has been ridiculously generous, letting us stay at his sha-weet pad in Oakland, in addition to feeding us, and worrying about our lost airline baggage). We are super-psyched to meet even more UUers in the days to come!

-UU Staff

What Should I Learn Next?
"Hammer-On Chords"
"Hammer-Pull Exercise"


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