Hey Gang! Have you ever wanted to get that nice, clean, single-strum sound out of your ukulele? How about those super-delicious reggae / ska / bossa-nova strums to keep the time? Well this is the UKE MINUTES episode just for you! Here, Aldrine Guerrero breaks down the simple "Pinky Mute" technique that can help clean up those dirty extended-ringing strums (along with a little rhythm, to boot!). So, hold on to your hats, 'cause here comes the PINKY MUTE!!

Also don't forget, the Aldrine and the Staff will be riding through your Californian town (starting in 5 DAYS!) for the UU CALIFORNIA TOUR, so please come down to the shows and represent the Underground! We're looking forward to meeting you all! Don't live in California?? No fear - we will have footage from the tour online for your viewing pleasure during the next few weeks! So stay tuned!

Hearts Bleeding,
-UU Staff

What Should I Learn Next?
"Muted Octave Strum"


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