What's going on Ukulele Underground!? Hope everyone is enjoying the awesome summertime weather - soaking in the sun and spending that extra time jammin' with friends. In this episode of UKE MINUTES, we've got some super-cool picking techniques for you to try out while you're chillin' in the summer heat. Here, Aldrine breaks down for you the "Pull-Off" and the "Hammer-Pull Combination."

"Pull-offs" are basically the reverse of "Hammer-ons" (For a review of the hammer on technique, check out UKE MINUTES 10 - Hammer Ons). To do a pull-off, put the pointer finger of your left hand on a fret. While holding that fret, put another finger (middle or ring) on a higher fret. Pluck the string, then pull off the second finger to reveal the note your pointer finger is holding. Rinse and repeat.

The "Hammer-Pull Combo" is a technique that combines both the hammer-on and pull off techniques together. Hold a fret with your pointer finger, hammer on to another note with your middle (or ring or pinky) finger, then pull-off again to reveal the pointer finger note.

When reading tabs, hammer-ons are denoted with the letter 'h' and pull-offs are denoted with the letter 'p'.

Alright, have fun with these, and as always, let us know what you think! www.UkuleleUnderground.com/forum !

-UU Staff

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