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Hey Undergroundlings! UB40 and Pure Heart will have nothing on you after this easy-to-learn (though it might take a little practice) episode of UKE LESSONS! Check out "Bring Me Your Cup", let us know if you like it, and show us what you got on the Forums!

Also, don't forget to check out the tracks on Aldrine's NEW CD (see post below) and if you like it, pick it up so you can jam along to it or bump it hard from the sound system of your automobile. Thanks much - we heart you more than air!

-UU Staff


  1. Aldrine Darling, I adore you and you have clearly forgotten what it’s like to be a beginner! OK, so can you please create a new category . . . maybe “just beginning;” “baby beginner;” “I’ll never play like Aldrine but I’d really like to learn something more than Down by the Boardwalk beginner!”
    I’m just getting back to the Uke and came home to UU but, after viewing a few “beginner” lessons, I’m feeling discouraged.
    Your new format, however, is terrific — the web site looks very nice!
    Please post a lesson that will help beginners feel successful and grow some confidence. Thank you Aldrine. xovm

  2. Please don’t sell all your copies. My credit card is coming next week and I would like to order a copy. I would really love to support you and your good cause. I hope you don’t run out of them.

  3. Hi Aldrine – just checked out the samples on your CD – cool !! – my order is being processed and should be shipped across the pond to the UK very soon – looking forward to hearing the full tracks – keep up the good work –

    From me to uke, Charlie

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