1. Thanks for the great video lessons! Manny the Rooster is a great part of the act. I couldn’t stop laughing! hehe


  2. Here’s Aldrine ~
    Here’s an idea for you that will help us a lot ~

    Take a song that everybody knows…. like ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon… (or similar) … sing it and accompany yourself on your uke, using different accompaniment strums, patterns and techniques. This would be a great asistance for us.

    Better still~ take about 3 or 4 songs and demonstrate, accordingly!

    Thanks and blessings on your work

  3. Manny the Rooster is great. He’s got to be one of those Kaua’i birds seen from the beach to the top of the volcano. Thanks as well for the palm muting tip.

  4. I like these uke got mails and all of Aldrines vids great help to me learning the uke.
    Chicken is great!!!
    But the backgroung music/picking is real distracing it needs to go or at least be turned down. I could hardly hear Aldrine over it.

  5. Thanks I love th palm muting lesson but I really love the banter between you and the chicken. I couldn’t stop laughing. I think you both make a great team! Ciao

  6. The puppet chicken is great idea. But I guess you can say this is not a “funky” chicken. This is “traditional” chicken. I am crying with laughter this is so fun and well done, and educational too. Wow. Great work Aldrine and UU crew. Mahalo, and keep the good times rolling.

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