This week's pick was as easy as they come. Four all star members from the UU forums together in one place made it an easy choice. Seeso, Dustin aka tsud123, Jason aka Facemeltinguke, and Phil aka Chronos were all invited to the Bushman Uke luau. Here they are all together playing the uke classic Elephant Town.

In other news, Forum member Woodshed from is giving away a Kala Pineapple uke to a lucky person who enters his contest. To enter you have to submit your review of your ukulele. For more details check out his website.


  1. Too bad the hotel room version of “The Weight” didn’t get recorded, although this was very good too…in a different sort of way.

    I always enjoy Dustin and Philip’s stereo laugh.

  2. This is what happens when you have too much talent in the room. In my nightmares, there has to be kazoos in there too.

    LOL I loved it.

    Keep Strumming, Singing, and Smiling,

    Terry Truhart

  3. Ah the old classic Elephant Town. Mind you, in my day we didn’t have Elephant Towns, we just had Elephants.

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