For this week's episode of Uke Minutes, we're going back to basics, with our very own Basic Music Theory lesson on Minor Scales & Chords. If you would like to go back and *refresh yourself* on Major Scales and Major Chords, here are the links:

Major Scales
Major Chords

This week's episode builds upon these basic ideas. For Major Scales, the pattern was WWHWWWH. Here with Minor Scales we change it up with WHWWHWW. (Check out the videos if you are unfamiliar with this notation). So if you start on any note on your ukulele and pick out this pattern, you will get the Minor Scale for that note. Number the notes in that scale from 1-8 and find the notes numbered 1, 3, and 5. All you need to do is find these notes on the different strings of your ukulele and BAM, you've got your chord.

*Special shout outs to our Forum member hotnanas who created this fretboard diagram to help everyone find the notes they need:

Ukulele Fretboard Diagram

And as always, feel free to discuss this episode (and pretty much anything else you can think of) until your cup runneth over at the UU Forum.

What Should I Learn Next?
"Movable Chord Shapes"
"Chord Families"

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