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Hey UUndergrounders! In our super special Uke Lesson today, Aldrine brings to you the ukulele take on Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight." Check it out, get it down, connect with some people, and bring it around town! Then show us what you did over at the Forum.

Special thanks to ALL the awesome people who entered last month's "Oh, the Places Uke Will Go!" Tenor Kala Ukulele Give-Away Contest! (Catch all the awesomeness HERE in the forum, and HERE). We'll be announcing the Winners next week Fri (05/09/08) and hopefully the winner is YOU! Check back for the results!

This is UU - wishing you a wonderful tonight, tomorrow, and day after that.


  1. Hi Aldrine,

    Man you are the Bomb! Thank you so much for your lessons they are so simplified by you it’s a pleasure just to watch you explain before endeavouring to practice same. Thank you!
    Sara ….

  2. The chords are wrong. It’s a simple 4 chord song with I, V, IV, V. In this case, G, D,C,D through out the whole song except for the bridge.
    “I feel wo[C]derful
    [D] because I see the [G]love light [Bm/F#] in your [Em]
    And the [C] wonder of it [D]all
    Is that [C]you just don’t [D]realize
    How much I [G]love you [then just back to the normal pattern]

  3. Muito bom, vcs tem me ajudado muito no ukulele aqui no Brasil
    ~Awesome, the guys have been helping a lot on ukulele here in Brazil

  4. I know it’s been said, but it would be great if there was a play along video to this song like the later videos..I have all the picking figured, and am capable of the notes..but not sure the order of the strumming. I also saw the tab for the song, but I’m not quite there yet to read it on my own.

    I see these posts are quit old..are you even around on this site anymore?

    1. Hey platplat!

      Thanks for being a part of the Underground – yeah Play-Along videos were a feature that we only started adding after Lesson 12, so the earlier lessons don’t have them. Aldrine, Ryan, and I are always around the site answering questions if you have them, email me directly (aaron(at) if you have any questions or if there’s anything else you need!


  5. Aldrine, I am a UU+ member and cant get access to many of the videos (marked private) including this one. Hook me up, pls 🙂

  6. It’s late in the evening; she’s wondering what lesson to play.
    She’ll pluck some Clapton and look away.
    And then she asks me, “Does this sound all right?”
    And I say, “No, that video is private tonight.”

  7. This is bad ass, I’m stationed out in England so its kinda hard to get lessons and books but this site is great! Do you have a play along for this or tabs or something?

  8. its awesome that you guys broke it down….and like all the others, i've been practicing the individual parts but now how does the whole song come together as you have done so in the beginning of the video….please help thanks…

  9. I appreciate the video. I really enjoy learning playing and learning new songs. I was hoping that the video would play along the full length of the song. I am very new and not sure how to arrange the chords throughout the rest of the song.

  10. Hey Aldrine–
    Thanks so much for posting this!
    I’m wondering if you can post a full-length play-along video for this song like you do for a few of the later songs. I can play all the individual parts, but I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out exactly how it all fits together.

  11. Aldrine and UU company,

    What a great site. I’ve had my Kala tenor for a year or two and picked it up here and there, but since I found this site I can’t put it down.

    Thank you.

  12. I found Uke lessons for Podcasts, and I was able to download only three of them. Is there a way that allows me to have the back numbers? It is helpful for me to have on iPod.

  13. This was really helpful but I am also confused on when to change the chords during the strum pattern. Can you help?

  14. Hey,

    awesome vid:) you play really good. But I’ve got 1 question: when to change the chords while strumming? Do you have the tabs or something?


  15. hey,
    I just got a ukulele for christmas and im working hard at it. Im a guitar player and learning the ukulele is very fun! Im just wondering what was the best way to do a “chunk” sound. Seems to me like my strumming is my biggest weakness right now. Im strumming like I would normally strum a guitar. Thanks so very much for the awesome video.

  16. hey this is a great video and tutorial. but i have a question on how the chords go to the song at what part of the strumming please get back to me xD

  17. Thanks for the great video. For some reason I am having trouble with the strumming still. First, whats the order of the chords throughout the song. Most importantly though, should i play the strum sequence exactly once for each chord? i think thats where I am getting messed up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Thanks Aldrine, that was a great lesson! My playing had certainly improved since adding the ‘chuck’ to my repertoire! I never thought I’d be able to get the picking part on first hearing it, but waddayouknow – with your patient explanation I actually made a reasonable fist of it – thanks again!

  19. Hey Aldrine…
    That was great!!!! You’ve made it so plain and simple to learn this song…but, I was wondering what you were playing at the opening of this segment. Sounds like something I would love to learn. Do you have the tabs for it.

  20. I hope to be getting a Ukulele next month for my birthday, but I’m still trying to figure out what size to get first. What size Ukulele are you playing in this video?

  21. Man I got to tell you guys that you’re awesome!!!!!
    I love to learn more ukulele songs and to be better player, you guys make it possible. You guys break it down easy and appear to be patient as well. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Love the website.

  22. Hi there !
    Greetings from Belgium (Europe) 😉
    I just bought my very first ukulele (but I’m a guitar player) and I just want to thank you for your wonderful website and this wonderful lesson of wonderful tonight !
    I really like the way you play. Thanks again for sharing your experience…


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