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April is here, and soon spring will be sprung. So ring in the nearing spring as we bring you a brand new UU Lesson: "Is There a Place" by Gyptian (well, Aldrine's ukulele take on Danyo Cummings' acoustic cover of Gyptian's original song). Hope you guys likey.

There was already some discussion about this song bubbling up in the Forum. And we started a new thread just for you, so discuss (and post your videos!) to your heart's content.


  1. Love the video!!! so during the picking part is the chunk right after you release your pointer finger?? its not taught in the video but its pretty sweet!

  2. All the videos have been removed? I thought this was a excellent site to learn the Uke? But it seems that without the videos there is nothing here to help learn. Bring back the videos!!! Thanks (^O^)

  3. This is pretty sick guys. I learned a bunch from these vids.
    Can’t wait till you put up bandito tyler. (if its not too complicated.)

  4. Thanks for the lesson, definitely one that I am going to practice. At the moment trying to play the picking pattern feels rather like patting my head and rubbing my stomach at the same time!

  5. really this is the best ukulele-site made yet, and aldrine is such a good teacher. keep it comin.

    but could you upload the videos somewhere else the quality is very unreliable please.

  6. Solid website and you both are talented musicians. The best on the web for uke! Mahalo for sharing. Everybody liked the is there a place picking u posted.

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