Alright, ladies and gents, prick up your earholes and pick up your trusty uke sabres, it's time for TREMOLO TECHNIQUE! In this week's Uke Minutes, Aldrine breaks down three different ways to do that oh, so impressive tremolo, without even breaking a sweat. Check it out and start your uke pwnage.

On a separate note, if you haven't submitted your entry to the April "Oh, The Places Uke Will Go" Contest (to win a shiny new TENOR KALA UKULELE, for FREE), you should be breaking a sweat. Deadline is April 30th. Post your entries HERE and we'll be sure they get to the list of entries HERE. Godspeed.


  1. man, my cable internet is not fast enough to keep up with your picking! It was all a blur. Thanks though, you’ve provided good incentive to grow them nails out.

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