1. while i am no expert at this technique, i too have grappled with the volume of the second or hammered note. i solve this by taking the technique term a bit more literally. for example, when you have your index finger on the c and your getting ready to play the d–try this first. take your middle finger & tap on the d note–the fret space–with a bit of force and suddenness until you can hear the note itself. when you're hammering down enough to hear that note, then you're hammering down with enough force to actually hear that note when you actually "hammer down." try that!

  2. Hi Aldrine:
    After watching “hammer ons” and trying it on my uke I notice I don’t have the same resonance on the second (hammer) note as you do. Is your uke amplified?

    1. me too (got ukulele only 2 days ago). The 2nd note is almost impossible to listen (soprano uke here). Is there something in particular we should care about to make the 2nd note audible?

  3. Hi Aldrine!
    I got my ukulele one week ago. Thank you so much for Ukulele Minutes and this great website! I am crazy about my little Rogue. Can’t play much yet, but practicing lots and well, it just makes me so happy I think I might be getting a little obsessive it.
    Can I say “aloha”?


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