That's right - April is the month we show even more love to the people of the Underground by giving away another (this time, even nicer) Free Ukulele!! It's the "Oh, The Places Uke Will Go!" video contest, sponsored by KALA Ukuleles!

Here's what you need to do:
1. Make a video of yourself and your ukulele in front of a landmark. Hometown, state, national, whatever. Basically anyplace that ukes can go.
2. Say your name (or screen name) and tell your viewers that you're from the Ukulele Underground. Something like, "Hi, my name is BlahBlah_653 and I'm a part of the Ukulele Underground!! Stay tuned, because we're about to change the world." Or something to that effect.
3. Tag your video with the phrase "Ukulele Underground"
4. Submit it to the Official Contest Thread.


If you can't get a hold of a camcorder, just find a good landmark and take a picture of yourself and your uke in front of it. Add your caption and tag it up with the info above and post it in the Contest thread.

We'll be accepting only one entry per person - so make yours the best it can be! We'll announce the winner at the end of April. Good Luck!!

*Oh yeah, if you would like to see the Ukulele that we're giving away, it's actually the very same model that Ukulele_Junkie reviewed a few weeks ago (plus a case!). Click HERE to see his video review.

View Contest Entries here

Brought to you by Kala Ukuleles


  1. “oh the places uke will go”… Sounds like your fans of Dr. Seuss too. I’d feel guilty about entering another UU contest, given that I ‘won’ the first one, but that black cutaway tenor may be just to tempting to pass up. Good luck with the contest guys.

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