Some UU members got together this past weekend for the first ever Ukulele Underground San Francisco meet up. Participants included JosephBautista, Fred Miu, Alden, Russ_Buss & Trina(sp?).

Looks like fun was had by all as seen here in this video. Keep up the good work everyone and keep spreading that Uke love around the world!

Untitled from ninjattak on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out the forum for any upcoming UU meet ups in your area.


  1. Well, It sure looked like a lot of fun, but I was wondering where you guys put the orchestra, they rocked!!! and the vocals…nah, really, it looked like a blast, would’ve like to have heard more of the actual playing and singing…or would that do damage to my ears!!!ha ha .

    Wishing we could get a UU meet up in brooklyn usa, waddaya say uke fans,

    aka menehunenyc

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