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Alright all you crazy children, here it is! This month's UU Lesson is one to make all you 80's and 90's kids squeal with delight - TETRIS!

Ok, actually there is really no song named 'Tetris' but you know the one we're talking about ...

So fire up the old-skool-gameboy-light-up-magnifying-attachment-thingy on the ukulele portion of your brain, 'cause we're about to get bizzay.

For those of you who, for reasons unbeknownst to us, prefer to read the tabs, our very own UU Forum members davoomac, Ikaru, and Woodshed have tabbed out their versions of this song in a nice neat post for all to enjoy. (You'll have to log in to view the Tabs section).

Have fun having this one stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

-UU Staff


  1. Great stuff, i saw some ppl wanted tab,i belive that would be rather helpful, but seeing as how you never answer ppl’s comments, thatsnot gonna happen. You also teach too fast, some of us arent as adept as others, and it is too much to learn in 1 second, withut having to pause and rewind a thousand times… other than that, marvelous video! ,’: )

  2. nevermind he just strums it when he is teaching it but he didn't mean to. you are just suposed to pick a note thatt he strummed

  3. I don't get the video at 4:50. Because he stums when teaching it but he picks 3 other notes when he demonstrates it!!

  4. Wow. I am playing uke since… 1 yeahr i think and I have to say: Very good

    But I’d like to have the tabs, because with them it would be much easier.

  5. This is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

    MASSIVE thanks man, I got a ukulele after seeing that chap play The Final Countdown on one on youtube, and I’ve been looking for some good song tutorials ever since.

    I can totally play the tetris song now! Now to get real fast at it…

  6. this is melody of one russian song about merchantman, who have chintz and brocade.
    if it’s interesting, here is a words:

    “Ой, полна, полна моя коробушка,
    Есть и ситцы и парча.
    Пожалей, душа моя зазнобушка,
    Молодецкого плеча!…”

    oy polna, polna moia korobushka,
    est’ i sitci i parcha.
    Pozhaley, dusha moia zaznobushka,
    molodetskogo plecha!…

    1. Really great tutorial! One suggestion I have is on the C minor and the inverted 2nd inverted g minor chord to leave the g string open because it helps establish the key of the chord be keeping the tonic and dominant notes. I't really is just an added sixth chord if u barre the whole fret. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. great tutorial!! im getting the hang of it! now if you could post a good arrangement of the parts to make it last longer than a minute 😉

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