Kicking off our "Basic Music Theory" series, in this week's episode of Uke Minutes Aldrine goes over how to figure out major scales on your ukulele. Learn the pattern, so you can figure out the major scale for any note! Then begin the intricate, infinite courtship with your ukulele's fretboard, to unlock the secrets of her long and inviting neck region.

We'll be looking out for your major scale videos over at the forum!!


- There are only a couple weeks left in the "Play it Forward" Contest, so head over and check it out while you can!

- Next Saturday (March 22, 2008 at 4pm Hawaii Standard Time) we'll be holding the very first (possibly ever in the history of the world(?)) Online Ukulele Open Mic!! If you still want to sign up, let us know. And if you would like to watch, get your bad self over here on Sat. and support the cause.

What Should I Learn Next?
"Major Chords"
"Minor Scales & Chords"


  1. @lovingridgebacks – jep, the 3rd fret is a C. But the pattern starts with two wholes and that means four frets. so after the first whole you are on B and after the second you are on C#.

  2. Aldrine, you’re the best bro!! I’m learning so much so quick with your videos.. really appreciate all the time and effort your’re putting into this! respect.

  3. Hi Aldrine, I was using the scale chart you had on your website and using the WWHWWWH doesn’t match up on the note chart. For example for the A string open is A Bb C Db D … Maybe this isn’t a Major Scale but what’s the difference between the notes on the chart and a certain scale??? Hope this made sense.

  4. Fuck, first of all, you have the most beautiful sounding ukulele i ever heard and second, thanks so much! suddenly it all makes so much sense! Please go on..

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