There are so many things that have happened/ are happening I thought I'd just post a quick update.

Ukulele Underground San Diego Meet up

NukeDOC (a.k.a. Arvin) organized the first ever Ukulele Underground Meet up and it took place this past weekend in San Diego. There was a great turn out and it looks like everyone there had a good time. Thanks Nuke for setting it up! Hope to see UU meetups all over the world!
UU SD Meet up

UU SD Meet up 2

UU SD Meet up 3

To See the rest of the pictures from the night, check out the A.A.R. (After Action Report) Thread in our forums.

There is also a video of the night on youtube provided by mcarreon89.

Kala KA-S Contest

Forum member menehunenyc has claimed his prize and will be receiving a brand new Kala KA-S ukulele in the mail shortly. bjunkins and aceman09 our runners up will be receiving t-shirts as prizes for being runner-ups.

Don't get too down on yourself if you didn't win this uke, we have more contests coming up in the very near future. Or, you could always enter the 'Pay it Forward Contest' on Julie's site. She is our first sponsor by the way so please show her some love.


The T-shirts have been ordered and should be here in Hawaii in a couple of weeks. We'll start sending them out as soon as we get them.


We ordered some stickers last night to give away. We'll probably post something in the forums later to announce how you can get one.

First Ever UU Internet Open Mic

Super Excited about this. I don't know if it's ever been done before but the UU forum is attempting the first ever LIVE internet open mic. So far we got a great line up of participants including,


We're still setting the date and time, but it should be a lot of fun when it happens! Be sure to check out the thread for more details.

That's about it for now! Thank you everyone for your support for the Ukulele Underground. We are making big things happen together!


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