In this episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine Guerrero teaches a simple way to enhance your strum called the 4-finger roll. If you decide to try this technique out in a song, be sure to post it in our forums.

We noticed that we get the most traffic on the weekends. Makes sense, everybody is off school and work, so we've decided to move Ukulele Underground Video releases to Saturdays instead of Mondays. This change will start this Saturday with the release of March's Ukulele Lesson.

Also, thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Ukulele Underground T-shirts! We'll be putting the order in to our t-shirt printer sometime this week.

What Should I learn Next?
"5 Finger Roll"
"8 Finger Roll"


  1. heya, im kinda in the habit of doing the roll starting with my index finger, and then the pinky finger last. Is that ok, or is it more practical in the long run for me to ditch the habit and do it with the pinky first? Thanks

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