Happy Presidents Day! Hope everyone in the U.S. is enjoying their day off. In this episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine teaches you how to restring your ukulele. For more in depth instruction on restringing your instrument, be sure to read the article on restringing your instrument.

Also just a reminder,

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If you haven't entered the Free Ukulele Contest yet either, just a couple more weeks to get your entry in. We have well over 300 entries into the hat as of now. This contest ends on February 29th and we'll do the drawing and post the video on March 1st.

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    1. Steel strings or nylon?
      I don't think steel strings would work on a ukuleles as they have no truss in the neck; without the truss in it, the neck will bend from the forces exerted from the string. :I
      *shrugs* Who knows, maybe it might.

  1. I just got new strings for my baritone ukulele, which has a tie bar bridge. On the nylon strings, I cant get the knot at the bridge to hold enough tension to tune it up, the knot continues to slip as I tune it up. Is there any tricks to getting a better knot that will hold up?

  2. Does anybody make a ‘ball end’ string? It would make it so much easier. This ‘tying a knot’ nonsense is out-dated technology, a ball end wouldn’t affect the sound at all, just would make life easier.

  3. hey, just wondering which kinda of string brand do you use, and which one you would recomend. btw. it was a helpful vid. made it easier to string my uke

  4. Sweet. I got that tie-bar bridge down A-OK. That thing was starting to scare me. No big deal. I actually think it’s a more secure system for attaching to the bridge than a stopper-knot. Thanks for the helpful vid!

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