This week's Member Video of the Week, is ... well, not really a video at all. But for all the time and effort that he put into it, we're all sure that UKESTAR deserves to be featured.

If you haven't seen the thread yet, check it out here.

Even before we released our DIY Humidifier Uke Minute, he was already spending cash and time (almost $200 and 13 hours worth, so far) converting a bookcase into a climate-controlled storage cabinet for his many ukuleles that makes our PEZ dispenser DIY look like child's play (which it pretty much is, as long as the child is supervised).

UKESTAR said that this thing looks even better in person, and as the staff here at UU simultaneously tip our hats off to him, we have absolutely no doubt that it does.

ukecase2 ukecaselatches



  1. The only thing he might want to be careful of is prolonged exposure of the vinyl coating on those U-hooks with his instruments finish. Vinyl reacts with some instrument finishes in a very bad way.

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