1. Fantastic stuff, beautifully played.
    A series of tutorials would be good to take players of different skill levels through simple to advanced versions.
    Thanks for all your great work

  2. Fantastic cover – just perfect!
    I’d love to see you do this as a lesson.
    Many thanks for a great site and for your tips and assistance.

  3. Salut Aldrine !
    T’écouter est toujours un plaisir et tes morceaux nous emportent à chaque fois ; quel son, quelle facilité, magnifique !!!
    Encore merci.
    As-tu sorti un CD et si oui où peut-on se le procurer ?

  4. Damn Aldrine! The smooth touch, the feel, the bite and tone of the uke…Perfect! wow!… you really got it bro.. I’ve seen others play this song on youtube and watched it fall like a bad suflay, hahaha, but you put it all together and nailed it! I think this is one of your best performances.. hell, now I have to go and learn it. How about a video lesson!! thanks and mahalo, e.lo..

  5. Aldrine !!!!
    Your a ukulele master.
    Thanks for this superb version.
    I’m not ‘in’ for covers but I think I’m gonna work this one !!
    Keep on ukin’ brah

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