Um, ok ... go for it ... yeah, hit the lights ... no the other one ... yeah, HIT IT!

Ahhh, yes people. FINALLY! Do you smell that? That there is the sweet smell of the underground wafting through your nose holes. Welcome one and all to UKULELE UNDERGROUND - The one-stop online location to soothe that aching ukulele addiction.

With New Ukulele Lessons each month, "Uke Minutes" technical tips, Live internet performances and broadcasts, Reviews, Live lessons, and more to come - go ahead, try out your new dancing feet, and check back often. We're only getting started.

We're glad you found us. Welcome to the Underground.

-UU Staff


  1. Hey Aldrine,

    Great site! Found out about it from my local ukulele song circle.

    Seems like your videos started before this date, ya? Before you switched over to viddler? I’d love to start from the start. Where are the ones before this located?


  2. This is awesome! Been waiting for the lessons to come up. Finally it did and great work to our Ukulele Underground staff!

    Thumbs up guys!!

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