1. I can’t seem to get this.. Maybe its my cheap ukulele strings, but it really hurts the side of my finger and i keep skipping over strings when I’m doing it which makes it sound really bad

    1. Try curling your finger a little more so instead of pointing at yourself you are almost creating an open parenthesis with your finger and using the top of your nail to strum.

  2. Since I just got a ukulele, it was quite helpful that you indicated that it is my wrist, not my whole arm, that is supposed to work while strumming. That helped me more than I can say. It might sound like a little thing, but beginners have no clue. Thanks!

  3. It’d be awesome if you could do a uke minute where you explain how to do a fan stroke…

    From what I’ve seen, looking around on the web, you’re one of the best people out there at breaking things down and making them seem easy/possible.


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