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Sometimes when you’re teaching yourself music, there will be techniques that will trip you up and give you a hard time. With your UU+ account, you’ll get access to live 1-on-1 coaching rooms and Private Lessons with Aldrine Guerrero. These 1 on 1 interactions with a qualified teacher will help get you unstuck quickly and on your way to enjoying more of what the ukulele can offer!

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With UU+, you get instant access to our entire video library which features lessons we’ve done over the past 10 years. Whether you are just a beginner starting out, or someone looking to improve their techniques or knowledge of music, we have just the video lesson you are looking for.

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Every week you’ll be able to join in on exclusive live-streamed events. You’ll have chances to get your questions answered, practice and perform with your fellow UU+ students and the UU+ Team.

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If you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument but never got around to it until now, you’ve made a great choice with the ukulele! With only four strings, it’s the perfect instrument for budding musicians. But, as with any instrument, there will be challenges to overcome as you learn.

That’s where we come in.

For nearly 10 years, we’ve been helping people from all over the world learn to play ukulele while in the comfort of their own home. We take all the guesswork out of learning to play and help you get to where you want to be in the quickest, easiest way possible.

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After being gifted a Kanile’a K1 Tenor by my wife while on a trip to Hawaii, I began my ukulele journey. Despite a lifetime of piano, learning to play this simple instrument was a mystery! I began by seeking basic information online and eventually joined a local ukulele club (the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society, BUMS).

In 2015, BUMS invited Aldrine and Aaron to perform at their annual SPRUKE ukulele festival. As an artist host, I saw “close up” the way they encourage and share ukulele wisdom. UU aloha was everywhere at SPRUKE with Aldrine’s constant personal interactions with beginners, experienced players, and performers.

Shortly after, I joined Ukulele Underground as a UU+ member. With UU+, I was able to engage at my own pace in the areas that interested me. With hundreds of Play-Alongs, hours of tutorials, along with group and private lessons through Zoom, members can interact personally with the UU team. UU+ has given me the tools, incentive and support to perform songs and ukulele arrangements that I would otherwise not have attempted. I find every session on UU is exciting, interesting, educational, and fun whether participating or just “hanging out.” I unreservedly recommend Ukulele Underground.

Jim Bills Brisbane, Australia

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