Ukulele Underground Store – Holiday Gift Guide 2010!

Hey UUers! The 2010 Holiday Season is heading our way which means brushing up on those Christmas tunes on your ukulele and checking things off your ukulele wish list for all your uke-playing family & friends! Here in the Underground, the UU Store has got you covered. Check it out & make your favorite uke […]

Uke Minutes 106 – Advanced Reggae Strumming II

Hey UUers! Last week on Uke Minutes, Aldrine explained a pretty neat Advanced Reggae Strumming technique to add a little rhythm to your strumming. This week, he introduces a slight variation to this, using a two finger roll on just one string for Advanced Reggae Strumming II. This one may take a little practice to […]

Uke Got Mail Ep. 64 – How Do You Play Fireflies?

Hey UUers! On this episode of Uke Got Mail!, Aldrine answers a question about playing “Fireflies” by Owl City on the ukulele. Check it out, leave your comments below, and let us know what you think! Keep strummin’ and have a ridiculously rad day. Aloha, -UU Staff

Uke Minutes 105 – Advanced Reggae Strumming

Hey UUers! It’s a beautiful day for uke playing, don’t you agree? This week on Uke Minutes, Aldrine explains a quick way to add some background percussive sounds to your strum with Advanced Reggae Strumming. This episode utilizes a couple of Uke Minutes techniques from the past, namely, the Pinky Mute and the basic Roll […]

Uke Lesson 35 – Space Suits (Aldrine Guerrero)

Play along with Aldrine on the Space Suits PLAY-ALONG! Hey UUers! Welcome to November! As we near the end of the year, things always get a little busy here in the Underground, so have your uke(s) at the ready for a wild end to 2010! For now, we’ve got a brand new episode of Uke […]

Uke Got Mail Ep. 62 – Help With Writing a Song For A Lady

Hey UUers! Uke Got Mail is back & this time Aldrine tackles a question from a UUer who is writing a song to ask out a lady. Check it out, try it out, and if you come up with anything to help out our friend Willy, post your comments below! New lesson coming up soon, […]

Uke Minutes 104 – Palm Mute Fingerpicking

Hey UUers! Fall is falling, the holidays are right around the corner and it’s time for you to make sure you’re extra awesome on the uke (so you can claim that you deserve a new one soon)! So to help add a little flair to your ukulele abilities, this week’s episode of Uke Minutes combines […]

Uke Minutes 103 – The Box (Part 2)

Hey UUers! Welcome! Come in, have a sat, and fire up the old video player … it’s time for Uke Minutes! This week, Aldrine expands on the concept of “The Box” demonstrating its use on Movable Chords and scales. Take a look, try it out, and let us know what you think! Thanks a TON […]

Uke Minutes 102 – The Box (Part 1)

Hey UUers! Good morning (afternoon, evening, or night)!! Are you ready for another fun-filled episode of Uke Minutes!? Well, here we go … Lately Aldrine has been talking about “The Box” as a way to think about, understand, and memorize your ukulele. This week’s episode is just a quick introduction to “thinking in boxes” so […]

Uke Lesson 34 – Never Let You Go (Third Eye Blind)

Play along with the “Never Let You Go” UU Play-Along! Hey UUers! Yay for October! For this month’s episode of Uke Lessons we bring you, “Never Let You Go” by Third Eye Blind (sorry Justin Bieber fans). Check it out, play along with the Play-Along, and be merry! + MEETUP TIME! — If you’re in […]

Ukulele Underground University – Fall Session 2010!! (+ New T-Shirts)

Hey UUers! The Fall Session of Ukulele Underground University is coming up fast (starts Saturday, October 9th!), so if you’d like to take a LIVE course with Aldrine to quickly expand your skills as an ukulele player, you’ve come to the right place! The Spring Session was so successful that Aldrine has added additional classes […]

Uke Minutes 100 – How to Play the Ukulele in 5 Minutes!

Hey UUers! Can you believe it!? Uke Minutes … Episode 100!! For this very special weekly installment of Uke Minutes, we go back to basics. Are you a brand new ukulele player who just picked up your first ukulele? Great! In this episode, Aldrine takes you from unboxing your uke to tuning it up to […]

Uke Minutes 99 – 1st Beat Emphasis Strum

Hey UUers! It’s another Saturday & another episode of Uke Minutes! Much like last week’s episode, Aldrine employs the “emphasis” strum, this time on the 1st beat, to create a strumming pattern to add a little variety to your songs. Try it out, experiment with other strumming patterns, and show us what you come up […]

Uke Minutes 98 – 2nd Beat Emphasis Strum

Hey UUers! Are you ready for another weekend!? Ready or not, it’s here – along with another episode of Uke Minutes! This time Aldrine shows you an interesting strumming technique in the “2nd Beat Emphasis Strum.” The main concept involves slowing down a particular strum for emphasis, which can dramatically change the style and feel […]

Uke Minutes 97 – Simple Bluegrass Strumming for the Ukulele

Hey UUers! Over the past few years, the ukulele has been popping up more and more in the bluegrass scene – with it’s high, twangy strings, it’s a perfect addition to round out any bluegrass song. In this week’s episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine shows you a quick little strumming technique to add that bluegrass-y […]