Uke got mail ep15: What uke should I buy? Mmmbop intro?

Questions by: Mike Barrett AcousticAloha Paul What uke should I buy? Bling fo yo thing? Mmmbop intro? These and Aldrine finds his Naruto headprotector in this episode of UKE GOT MAIL! Links: Uke minutes on buying ukuleles Ukulele underground store Musicguymic Ohana ukuleles Mainland ukuleles Moore bettah ukes

Uke Lesson 13 – If I Ain’t Got You (Alicia Keys)

Got questions about this lesson? Post them HERE! Play Along with Aldrine on this song HERE! Happy New Year, UUers! Hopefully everyone made the jump into 2009 safely and in one piece, so we can all continue rocking the boat with the sweet sounds of uke music! In this, the very first Uke Lesson of […]

Uke Minutes 32 – Basic Tab Notation

Check out the discussion about this video HERE. Hello Mighty UUers! Saturday is here (and the start of Winter Break for all you young’ns) – Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with us! In this week’s episode of Uke Minutes, Dominator and Aldrine (mostly Dominator) give us a tour of three basic picking techniques […]

Uke Minutes 31 – Harmony (3rds)

Join the discussion about this episode HERE. Hey there Uke Players! It’s time for another episode of Uke Minutes! Have you ever picked out a melody on your ukulele and thought “Gee, that sounds so plain. I wish I could add something else … but what?” Adding harmony means adding a note (or several notes) […]

Uke Lesson 12 – Let It Snow!

Got questions? Discuss this lesson HERE. Play along with the full song (w/lyrics & chords) HERE. Hey hey, UUers! The Holidays are upon us! December is only a couple of days away, and instead of waiting for the 1st of the month to release the newest episode of Uke Lessons, we were so excited about […]

Uke Minutes 28 – Scale Exercise I

To jump in on the discussion about this lesson, click HERE. Hey all you awesome uke players from across the land! It’s time for another episode of UKE MINUTES! Have you ever wondered, “What is a good way for me to practice my scales AND warm up my ukulele-playing fingers at the same time?” If […]

Uke Minutes 27 – Major 7th Shapes

To join the discussion about this lesson, click HERE. For more Chord Shapes and how to use them click: Uke Minutes 17 – Movable Chord Shapes (Major and Minor) Uke Minutes 25 – 7th Chord Shapes Hey there, UUer!! Are you looking for the next episode of Uke Minutes?? We’ll today is your lucky day! […]

Free Live Lesson Today (How to Transpose a Song)

Come and get it! It’s a lovely Wednesday here at UU, and like every Wednesday, that means – FREE LIVE UKULELE LESSONS! Aldrine will be here to teach, talk, and answer any of your questions today at 2 pm HST (4 pm PST and 7 pm EST). Check it out here: >>–Live Ukulele Lessons with […]

Uke Lesson 11 – Drop Baby, Drop (Mana’o Company)

Join the discussion about “Drop Baby, Drop” right here. Whoohoo! We’re really excited about this month’s episode of Uke Lessons, mainly because it’s a song that so many of you have requested – “Drop Baby, Drop”. The song, recorded and released in Hawaii by The Mana’o Company in 1991, has somehow become a staple of […]

FREE, LIVE Ukulele Lesson Wednesdays!

Wednesday has come around again and that can mean only one thing: FREE LIVE UKULELE LESSONS! Aldrine will be online at 2 pm HST (5 pm PST and 8 pm EST) giving another free ukulele lesson – to you! Check it out: >>–Live Ukulele Lessons with Aldrine Guerrero–<< And tell your friends about it! Post […]

Uke Lesson 2 – Summer Breeze (Seals and Crofts)

Unfortunately Universal Music, the publisher of this song has requested that we remove this video from our website. We apologize for the inconvenience. In this Ukulele Lesson, Aldrine teaches you how to play the Seals & Crofts song ‘Summer Breeze’. Two of our forum members also have done their own versions of this lesson so […]