UUU 100 Lesson 1

UUU 100 Lesson 1

Welcome to UUU 100! In this first lesson, Aldrine will guide you step by step on your journey to getting started with the ukulele. You'll learn how to properly hold your ukulele, the basics of strumming, your first chord and your first song. Let's jump right in!
Lesson 1 of Ukulele 100 is available to everyone. To watch Lesson 2, please log in to UU+.

1:45 The anatomy of the ukulele

3:10 How to hold your Ukulele

8:00 How to strum

11:00 Practice strumming in time

15:35 How to keep rhythm steady

19:25 How to play your first chord

24:25 Whole notes

26:20 How to play your first song

Optional Learning Tools:
Empty Plastic Bottle
Egg Shaker / Pill Bottle


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