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  1. Nicholas Johnson
    March 19, 2012:

    Hey man, this is the week 4 video again. Can we get it changed to the right one?


  2. rayan
    March 20, 2012:

    Thanks Nicholas! I just updated the video to the correct one.

  3. Nicholas Johnson
    March 20, 2012:

    That was fast, thanks! Just got done watching, definitely stoked on it.

  4. Donovan Balderama
    September 7, 2012:

    Hey could you send me one of thoes through email? I didnt get one thanx.

  5. Petr Hadac
    September 12, 2012:

    Maybe it could help some to place a link to the diagram under each vid…
    This lesson is the first one that makes me study dutifully before I proceed to the next one :-) Cool, that’s what I was looking for – way how to learn all this stuff around music, melody, ukulele… and both understand it by brain and get it by heart. Thanks!

  6. Petr Hadac
    September 15, 2012:

    Change of plans – I continue on with lessons ’cause this is gonna take me some significant time :-)

  7. Warren Bennett
    October 20, 2012:

    Cany ou email this chart?

  8. rayan
    October 22, 2012:

    Hi Warren, I just updated this page with a link to download the fretboard diagram. thanks!

  9. Tom Trapp
    February 23, 2013:

    If i’ve just been going through uke 101 and now 102 then when should I have learned this material?

  10. John Mansfield
    June 29, 2013:

    When this lesson started I thought that Aldrine seemed a bit lost and uncertain as to how to proceed. By the end of the lesson Aldrine was really rolling! His fluid knowledge of the fretboard and theory is wonderful to see. I have watched the lesson a number of times to get it down. Lots of essential stuff… and fun!

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