Ukulele 102

1 Ukulele 102 – Week 1: Basic Exercises


In Ukulele 102, you’ll be expanding upon what you’ve learned in Ukulele 101 and Music Theory for the Ukulele. In Week 1 of 101 we’re focusing on warmup routines. You’ll learn:

– The Worm exercise
– Finger stretches
– Hand stretches
– Interval warm ups

2 Ukulele 102 – Week 2: Basic Finger Picking


In Week 2 of 102 you’ll be working on basic finger picking. You’ll learn:

– How to play the in to out technique
– How to play the out to in technique
– The I, IV, V progression

3 Ukulele 102 – Week 3: Ear Training


In week 3 of Ukulele 102 well be working on ear training and the difference in sound between diff types of chords. You’ll learn to hear:

– Major chords
– Minor chords
– 7th chords

4 Ukulele 102 – Week 4: Picking with Thumb or Index


In week 4 of Ukulele 102 you’ll work on picking with your thumb or index finger (or pick). You’ll learn:

A. The proper way to play with thumb
B. Using your index finger to pick
C. Properly using a pick
D. 1 string picking, 2 string picking, etc.

5 Ukulele 102 – Week 5: Scales and Tonal Harmony


In week 5 of Ukulele 102 you’ll be working on using scales and tonal harmony. This session you will:

A. Revisit major scales
B. Learn about 3rds harmony
C. Use Mary had a little lamb to learn to play main melody and harmony
D. Play both parts of the song on the A and E strings

6 Ukulele 102 – Week 6: Advanced Strumming Techniques and Patterns


In week 6 of Ukulele 102 you’ll work on advanced strumming techs and patterns. You will learn:

– The triple strum
– The two finger roll
– The four finger roll
– To listen to percussion audio and use strum patterns and techs to get same effect

7 Ukulele 102 – Week 7: Minor Scales and Tonal Harmony


In week 7 of Ukulele 102 you’ll work on Minor scales and tonal harmony. Here are some of the things you’ll be doing in this session:

– Revisiting minor scales (understanding the pattern WHWWHWW)
– Learning about 3rds harmony in minor key
– Learning about Dm scale with a 3rd harmony
– Learning minor scale harmony exercise

8 Ukulele 102 – Week 8: IV, V, I Progression and Root Notes


In week 8 of Ukulele 102 you’ll be learning about the IV, V, I progression and root notes. By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to:

– Show 3 different IV, V, I progression
– Explain root notes
– Use root note to play a melody

9 Ukulele 102 – Week 9: Alternate Chords (Inversions)


In week 9 of Ukulele 102 you’ll learn about alternate chord shapes (inversions). Here are some of the things you’ll learn about:

– IV, V, I progressions in two different inversions
– ii, V, I progressions in two different inversions
– I, vi, IV, V, I progressions in two different inversions

10 Ukulele 102 – Week 10: Pulls, Hammers, and Combinations


In week 10 of Ukulele 102 you’ll be closing out the course by learning about picking techniques. Here are some of the things you’ll be learning:

– Pulls, hammers, and combo techniques
– Bottom string pull offs
– Bottom string hammer-pull
– Bottom and top string combinations during pull offs/hammer-pull