Ukulele 101

1 Ukulele 101 – Week 1: Introduction to the Ukulele


In the first session of Ukulele 101, Aldrine gives you an Introduction to the ukulele. In this session you will learn:
– A short background of ukulele
– The notes of the four strings
– How to tune your ukulele
– The C, F, G chords and the up down up down strum

2 Ukulele 101 – Week 2: Ear Training


In session 2 of Ukulele 101 you’ll learn:
– Ear training
– Tuning by ear
– Am and Dm
– basic rhythm (quarter notes)

3 Ukulele 101 – Week 3: Sunday Morning


In this session, Aldrine will help you work through your first song using simple chords. You’ll learn:
– G7 chord
– Sunday Morning (Dm, G7, C)
– Playing on rhythm

4 Ukulele 101 – Week 4: Chunking


In this session you’ll learn:
– How to chunk
– How to apply chunking to strum patterns
– How to play 4 finger rolls

5 Ukulele 101 – Week 5: Playing with Others


In this session you’ll learn:
– How to play ukulele with other people
– How to pick ‘mary had a little lamb’
– The chord pattern and how to strum ‘mary had a little lamb’
– Putting the two parts together and how to accompany others

6 Ukulele 101 – Week 6: More Chords


In this sesssion you’ll learn:
– More chords for your repetoire
– How to play the A, D, Bb, Gm, Em, Bm chords
– Begin to work on playing bar chords

7 Ukulele 101 – Week 7: Reading Chords off Websites


In this session you’ll learn to:
– Read chords off websites
– understanding songsheets with Lyrics and chords
– Start off with easy strum pattern
– Stand by me (C7)

8 Ukulele 101 – Week 8: Listen to a Song


In this session you will learn:
– How to find the chord sheets from a website
– How to Listen to the rhythm of a song
– How to start off with UDUD to get rhythm on uke then find variation to match the song

9 Ukulele 101 – Week 9: Reggae Strums


In this session you’ll begin working on playing Reggae songs. You’ll learn:
– how to play reggae strums
– how to play pinky mutes
– how to play reggae without the chunk
– how to play reggae strums with the chunk
– practice with the song ‘Get up stand up, Stir it up’

10 Ukulele 101 – Week 10: Singing and Playing


In the final session of Ukulele 101 we’ll work on getting you singing and playing at the same time. In this session you will learn:

– Learning to sing and play
– How to start with DDD strum
– How to play songs we’ve covered with DDD while singing
– How to change up strumming patterns