Ukulele 101 (2017)

1 Ukulele 101 – Week 5: Playing with Others


On week 5 of Ukulele 101, Aldrine focused on how to play the ukulele with others. He and Aaron demonstrated simultaneous playing, playing different parts, and how to lock up the rhythm when someone falls out of sync. Aldrine also discussed basic picking and how you can use it as a tool to improve jam […]

2 Ukulele 101 – Week 4: Right Hand Techniques


On week 4 of Ukulele 101, Aldrine goes over the fundamentals of two different right hand techniques. He begins by breaking down the movements involved in the roll, and emphasizing the importance of the wrist twist. He moves on to the basics of fingerpicking. Aldrine demonstrates a few fingerpicking patterns and explains how to use […]

3 Ukulele 101 – Week 3: Strumming Patterns


On week 3 of Ukulele 101, Aldrine covers the basics of strumming patterns. He explains the fundamental mechanics of strumming, and talks about how to use the natural drop of the hand to achieve good form. You can’t have a discussion about strumming without mentioning rhythm. Aldrine defines quarter notes, eighth notes, down strums and […]

4 Ukulele 101 – Week 2: Basic Ear Training


On week 2 of Ukulele 101, we covered tuning by ear. Aldrine went over how to tune your ukulele to another instrument. He also demonstrated how to tune an ukulele using other strings as a reference. Aaron shared his ingenious way to figure out which note is higher. We also leaned a few more chords, […]

5 Ukulele 101 – Week 1: Intro to Ukulele


In the first episode of Ukulele 101, we briefly cover the history of the ukulele, its point of origin, and the men responsible for its creation. Aldrine shows you the strings and notes of the ukulele and teaches you how to tune your uke. Then we learn our first chords and some basic strumming to […]