Ukulele 100

1 UUU 100 Lesson 1


Welcome to UUU 100! In this first lesson, Aldrine will guide you step by step on your journey to getting started with the ukulele. You’ll learn how to properly hold your ukulele, the basics of strumming, your first chord and your first song. Let’s jump right in! Lesson 1 of Ukulele 100 is available to […]

2 UUU 100 Lesson 2


In lesson 2 of this series, Aldrine introduces a new chord called “A” minor. Using the C chord from lesson 1 and the Am chord, he demonstrates how to switch between chords cleanly. Aldrine also introduces the half note, and uses both half notes and whole notes to practice switching chords and keeping time. 0:15 […]

3 UUU 100 Lesson 3


In this lessons, Aldrine introduces the “F” chord and talks about how the arches of the fingers form this chord. He also shows you an exercise that will help to play this new chord. Aldrine introduces another new type of note, called the quarter note, and using everything we’ve learned so far, we play a […]

4 UUU 100 Lesson 4


In this lesson, Aldrine shows you another chord and introduces another type of note. He modifies the chord exercise from last lesson, and he teaches you a new song to practice everything you have learned so far. 0:20 G7 Chord 2:00 Chord Exercise 4:20 Chord Switching 9:25 Eighth Notes 11:05 Up-strums 13:20 Practicing Rhythms and […]

5 UUU 100 Lesson 5


In the final lesson of Ukulele 100, Aldrine takes everything he has taught you so far, and brings it all together. He shows you how to mix up the rhythm to create a strumming pattern, he introduces you to singing and playing at the same time, and he walks you through your first full song. […]