UU+ Live Lessons

1 [2/16/2017] Live Lesson Replay


On this week’s lesson, the guys had fun talking about the magic of musicians playing together, but first Aldrine answered a few questions. He demonstrated an alternate picking for our short nailed friends, offered some feedback on a student review, then he got a little tripped up with the triplet strum. Aldrine redeemed himself by […]

2 [2/9/2017] Live Lesson Replay


This week’s Live Lesson started with a question about holding two tricky chords and in typical UU fashion, it soon lead to a food related tangent. To their credit, the guys somehow managed to connect flan and chewing to playing the ukulele. Aldrine then offered some solid advice for practicing picking in songs, and Aaron […]

3 [2/2/2017] Live Lesson Replay


The guys are back and ready for some ukulele action. We’ve always believed that the ukulele is special because it can fit everyone, and this week’s lesson reinforces that. Aldrine helps one player by offering a modified way to chunk if you have arthritis. He praises another UUser for taking the time to find a […]

4 [1/12/2017] Live Lesson Replay


Aldrine started this week’s lesson by discussing the importance of ear training. He asked the guys how they go about tuning using different octaves which lead to a conversation pondering the abstract concept of octaves. We switched gears a bit when Aldrine brought up using chords to evoke different emotions. That opened the floodgates and […]

5 [1/5/2017] Live Lesson Replay


This week’s Thursday Live Lesson was a lightning round of questions. We covered everything from alternate chord shapes and warm ups, to ukulele accoutrements and carrying cases. Aldrine shared some tips for playing barre chords, and demonstrated how to play clearly on smaller frets. We discusses dirty fret boards and when to clean them. We […]

6 [12/29/2016] Live Lesson Replay


This weeks Lesson was full of tech questions. Aldrine started things off by talking about port holes, its purpose and his opinion on them. We also discussed various brands of ukuleles and places to purchase them, while Aldrine prefers symmetry and a clean classic look, Aaron gravitated to the funkier side. Aldrine shared his stance […]

7 [12/22/2016] Live Lesson Replay


Aldrine kicked off this week’s lesson by discussing the benefits of learning music theory. He explained how a few concepts such as scale shapes and chord families can help with transposing, writing and figuring out songs. We took a fun detour when Aldrine actually had a question for the guys about their favorite ukulele accessories […]

8 [12/15/2016] Live Lesson Replay


This week’s lesson was all about taking things to the next level. Aldrine offered some advice for singing while playing more difficult techniques at the same time. He suggested slowly incorporating techniques, singing the counts, and just sticking with it. This lead him to share some of the ways he is trying to challenge himself […]

9 [12/8/2016] Live Lesson Replay


On this week’s lesson, we jump right into a question about switching chords. All three of the guys offer their advice; Aldrine talked about keeping the ring finger ready, Aaron suggested anchoring a finger to the fretboard when possible, and Kahai recommended looking at each chord switch individually and figuring out what works best for […]

10 [12/1/2016] Live Lesson Replay


We are back in action after a quick turkey hiatus. We covered a lot of ground, discussing the use of metronomes and capos, reviewing a tech check on chunking, exploring the application of chromatic scales, and trouble shooting a song that seems to be tripping up a lot of people. Aldrine offers some suggestions on […]

11 [11/17/2016] Live Lesson Replay


Cowboy music, the “Running Man”, and gypsy jazz, we cover all of it in this week’s lesson. Aldrine starts things off by talking about how you can get the most from the information in Solo Secrets Revealed, and lays out a road map of various UU courses to help users better understand the material. We […]

12 [11/10/2016] Live Lesson Replay


In this week’s Lesson, Aldrine gets the ball rolling by explaining how often strings need to be changed and the different signs that indicate it’s time to restring. He offers some great advice to help with soloing during an unfamiliar song, including sticking to “safe notes”, following the rhythm, and using clues to figure out […]

13 [11/3/2016] Live Lesson Replay


We’re back! Aldrine starts off this lesson by talking about Hawaiian vamps and how to alter them. Things get a little technical as our discussion progresses into music theory, but Aaron nicely sums it up with his “Jus’ Press” mantra. Aldrine demonstrates a great exercise to practice bending notes, which brings us to a conversation […]

14 [10/27/2016] Live Lesson Replay


This week, Matt Dahlberg was kind enough to jump in for Aldrine, who was away in China. Matt kicked things off by talking about some tips and tricks to improve chord switching while strumming. He demonstrates one of his favorite techniques to embellish chord switches by utilizing hammer-ons. Then Matt offers some great advice on […]

15 [10/20/2016] Live Lesson Replay


This week’s lesson was all about that tech. Aldrine kicked things off by demonstrating how to easily switch from Em to Bm, which lead us to a lively discussion about straps. We took a brief detour and discussed short nails and ways to troubleshoot strumming with them. Aldrine shared some of his more creative solutions […]