1 Learn to Play the Ukulele in 5 Minutes

If this lesson is too short for you and you would like more explanation, check out the Ukulele 101 course. In this lesson we’re giving you the run down on what to do if you’re a brand new ukulele player with a brand new ukulele. This includes tuning your brand new ukulele, learning your first […]

2 How to Strum Your Ukulele

For more tips on improving your strum and other beginner tips, check out the full Ukulele 101 course. In this lesson you are going to learn how to strum your ukulele 1. Take your pointer finger and point to yourself. 2. Be sure to relax the pointer finger and don’t let it lock up. 3. […]

3 Your First Ukulele Course – Review

4 How to Switch Chords on the Ukulele

Aldrine will show you an easy way for beginners to switch chords on the ukulele. The trick is using the up strum on the 4th beat to give you a little time to reposition your fingers.

5 The Roll

In this video, you’ll learn how to do the roll strum.

6 Strumming Dynamics on the Ukulele

7 Strumming and Switching Chords – Review

8 How Your Ukulele Works

9 How to use a Tuner

10 Playing Notes and Chords

11 How to Strum

12 Reading Tabs and Chord Sheets

13 Finding Songs Online

14 How to Hold Barre Chords

15 How to Hold Multiple Strings with One Finger