Another UU Ukulele Give-Away!?

That’s right – April is the month we show even more love to the people of the Underground by giving away another (this time, even nicer) Free Ukulele!! It’s the “Oh, The Places Uke Will Go!” video contest, sponsored by KALA Ukuleles! Here’s what you need to do: 1. Make a video of yourself and […]

Uke Lesson 4 – “Is There a Place” (Gyptian)

April is here, and soon spring will be sprung. So ring in the nearing spring as we bring you a brand new UU Lesson: “Is There a Place” by Gyptian (well, Aldrine’s ukulele take on Danyo Cummings‘ acoustic cover of Gyptian’s original song). Hope you guys likey. There was already some discussion about this song […]

No Uke Minute Today – Uke Lesson on Tuesday

No Uke Minute today as we have a lesson scheduled for release on Tuesday. Also, just a couple days left to enter the Play it Forward contest on If you haven’t already entered. What are you waiting for???

1st Ever UU LIVE Online Open Mic!!

It’s OVA!!! What a great night of performances. We are truly humbled guys. Thank you to everyone who participated, dafamcallsmebj Ukulele_Junkie Dominator NukeDoc Seeso Edmund_Whitehead Tsud123 & Phillip NDtitanlady PuremarkSka Aldrine Guerrero Fred_Miu And thank you everyone for watching! We’re going to do it again next month so be sure to always check back for […]

Uke Minutes 9 – Major Chords

In this week’s episode of Uke Minutes, we tackle the explanation of Major Chords. Building on last week’s explanation of Major Scales, once you’ve figured out the major scale for a certain note, you can easily find the major chord that goes along with it by playing the 1, 3, and 5 together … simultaneously […]

Uke Minutes 8 – Major Scales

Kicking off our “Basic Music Theory” series, in this week’s episode of Uke Minutes Aldrine goes over how to figure out major scales on your ukulele. Learn the pattern, so you can figure out the major scale for any note! Then begin the intricate, infinite courtship with your ukulele’s fretboard, to unlock the secrets of […]

Uke Minutes 7 – History of the Ukulele

In this episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine gives a few fun facts about the origin of the ‘ukulele; its name, where it came from, and the ancestor instruments it was modeled after. For a much more comprehensive history of this marvelous little instrument, check out the following web-tastic presentations: History of the ‘Ukulele (UGH) Over […]

Uke Lesson 3 – Tetris (Korobeiniki)

Alright all you crazy children, here it is! This month’s UU Lesson is one to make all you 80′s and 90′s kids squeal with delight – TETRIS! Ok, actually there is really no song named ‘Tetris’ but you know the one we’re talking about … So fire up the old-skool-gameboy-light-up-magnifying-attachment-thingy on the ukulele portion of […]

Member Video of the Week – edmundwhitehead – One of a Kind

There were so many good videos from our members this week that it was hard to choose just one. In the end, originality won out and we (i.e. Rayan) decided to feature member edmundwhitehead’s original composition ‘One of a Kind’ . If this kid keeps it up, he has a very bright future in ukulele. […]

Uke Minutes 6 – The Roll Technique

In this episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine Guerrero teaches a simple way to enhance your strum called the 4-finger roll. If you decide to try this technique out in a song, be sure to post it in our forums. We noticed that we get the most traffic on the weekends. Makes sense, everybody is off […]

Member Video of the Week – menehunenyc – Happy Together

This week’s UUMVOW comes from New York City. Forum member menehunenyc plays a cool ukulele version of the Turtles ‘Happy Together‘. Also in regards to the UU string changing Uke Minute be sure to check out NukeDOC’s string changing tutorial with power-drill string winder. Remember T-Shirt pre-orders end Friday, so order now while they’re still […]

Uke Minutes 5 – How to Re-string Your Ukulele

Happy Presidents Day! Hope everyone in the U.S. is enjoying their day off. In this episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine teaches you how to restring your ukulele. For more in depth instruction on restringing your instrument, be sure to read the article on restringing your instrument. Also just a reminder, Just four days left until […]

Aldrine Guerrero – Something Ukulele Cover

Aldrine just posted a new video on his youchoob account. It’s his version Jake’s version of the classic Beatles song ‘Something’ performed on the ukulele. I really like this song. I made him play it against his will at our gig on Kauai. Check it out and show him some love!

Uke Minutes 4 – DIY Ukulele Case Humidifier

In this episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine teaches you how to make your own Ukulele Case Humidifier. The ukulele like all wooden instruments is susceptible to warping due to dry air. This quick homemade humidifier should solve a lot of problems if you live in dryer regions. Just be sure to keep that foam wet […]

Uke Minutes 4 – Humidifiers

Humidity. It’s not something that tends to loom at the forefront of your mind, in regards to ukulele – especially when you’re rippin’ it up hardcore or kickin a smooth, tasty lick on your most prized wooden possession. And because historically, the instrument has tended to inhabit coastal or near-coastal-lying areas, the idea of even […]