Unfortunately Universal Music, the publisher of this song has requested that we remove this video from our website. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hey UUers!

Here we go, as we slide on into September, it’s another episode of Uke Lessons! This month we bring you a full ukulele lesson for Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes”. You asked for it, so we deliver! It’s got a super catchy intro riff, a simple steady strum, and enough chords to keep you on your toes. Once you get them down, be sure to check out our “Banana Pancakes” Ukulele Play-Along and play along! And as always, if you’ve got questions, we’re always here for you.

Stay tuned for some cool stuff coming up this month including new merch in the UU Merch Store as well as announcing the winner for the August 2011 “Ambassadors of Ukulele” Give-Away Contest!

Keep that uke music going! Take what’s left of the summer and stir it into your coffee cup of ukulele goodness. Drink it all in, uke players. Drink it all in.

-UU Staff