The Adventures of the K-Town Heroes – Episode 13 – Moving to Oahu (Part 1)


  • Really loving these pods! Keep up the awesome!

  • I don’t know about the two of you friendos, lol… after I listened to that audio clip I thought damn they get good happy smoke in Okinawa, where I was, so maybe Aldy and this other cat might have put them themself induced “Coolville.” (not “Whoville”) btw.. just random shit you guys were going on about, …wish we could do that here in Indy! Everything is 911.. so Aloha(tell em something cooler to say at night signing off please.. I love that stuff.. (cultural vocabulary) Anyway, you two laid back mofo’s enjoy the mid week and I’ll eat an Rx to slow me down, some how… peace2fingers! @copyright. All Docs. with Library of Congress” Go easy I’ll be talking to you all soon! Carson Bailey

  • Oh my. This is hilarious. >.<

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